Final Trailer for Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things is set to return October 27th to Netflix and on this holiday for all you fellow weirdos they’ve given us the final trailer for the upcoming series.

Awesome, right? I love that the stakes seem much higher as the Upside Down starts invading our world. We’ve already seen that something is affecting Will in the closer to the last season and now we see that he’s been receiving treatment for this as a visibly frustrated as Joyce/Winona Ryder wants to what’s going on. We already know Eleven is coming back after a year in the Upside Down as this is when the events of this season will be taking place. We also see the lab where Eleven was being held is still operational and you can bet they have an interest in Will as he seems to be also displaying some powers like Eleven. We know that Hawkins, Indiana will be in jeopardy this season from all the panels and information we’ve received so I’m anxious to see just how big this is going to be. Look for all 9 episodes October 27th as Stranger Things makes its return.

 -Jason The X

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