First Look at Batwoman In The Arrowverse Crossover

Ruby was met with mixed opinions on whether or not she should be in the role, to which she has handled it like a hero would, and now the CW has ready to give us our first look as Ruby in the role with an awesome image. The look is as if it was ripped right out of the comics, and Ruby looks the part, take a look.

batwoman ruby rose image 480x600

The look is incredible, more in line with a Supergirl and the Black Lightning costumes then it is the Arrow costumes, very comicbook superheroey, which is perfect. The last crossover event was received really well, and this year is something that has a lot of hype around, mostly behind the announcement of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. This year’s crossover is titled “Elseworlds,” which is a nod to the classic DC titles that tend to happen outside of the main storyline. Last season it kind of became its own two night movie, with 2 hours on two separate nights. This season, the Legends will not be joining the crossover, and therefore the schedules will be a bit mixed up. Flash will air in Supergirl‘s Sunday slot to start it off, then Arrow in its normal Monday slot, and then Super girl will close us out on Tuesday.

Production on the crossovers begins this week in Vancouver, and will air on December 9-11. The Flash returns to The CW tonight followed by Supergirl and Arrow next Sunday and Monday.

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