First Look at Ghost Rider on Agents of Shield

Now when the hype started out for Agents of Shield with a flaming chain accompanying the show’s logo I said without a doubt that they weren’t going to be using Ghost Rider. I said hey it’ll probably be Hellfire as he was one of Fury’s Secret Warriors. Ghost Rider would be too expensive for a show. Actually my friend Rob said that as I was full on in for Ghost Rider. I must say my joy at being right has never been more obnoxious but moving on. Here is the newest Spirit of Vengeance to grace the live action screen as seen on


Now despite the flack I liked the first Ghost Rider movie, not so much the second one. And I can say that I liked Ghost rider more than I liked watching Nic Cage be Johnny Blaze. Now this is Robbie Reyes the current Ghost Rider in the comics. And no, he doesn’t have a motorcycle but my love of muscle cars easily gets me past that little change. Also it looks as thought they’ve opted for a more traditional look on the skull instead of the more helmeted look in the comic. The flames which some say are pretty hard to get right in CGI look great. Very true to the source material and so long as we see some chain whooping and Penance Staring I’m good with this.


But the greater ramifications of this is that we are getting magic and mysticism being brought into the Marvel Universe and with Dr. Strange on the horizon for the big screen this makes sense. Look for Ghost Rider to make his small screen debut on the season premiere of Agents of Shield September 20 on ABC. 

-Jason The X


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