First Official Images and Details From The Mandalorian Season 2

This morning brings a surprise of Mandalorian goodness with several first images from the upcoming season, along with some minor details to chew on.

Last week brought us a premiere date for the second season of The Mandalorian, but today brings us some actual images to dissect and enjoy. These come courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, where Din Djarin and “The Child” are gracing the magazine’s latest covers:

The article itself is littered with some great quotes from the creators, as well as some teasing minor details that fans (like em) are sure to be analyzing until the season debuts.

  • Season two will consist (once again) of 8 episodes varying in length.
  • Jon Favreau is directing the first episode that premieres on October 30th.
  • The season will dramatically “expand” the universe and bring the Mando into the larger galaxy/story.
  • Season 2 picks up soon after the end of the first season.

The images themselves are giving me all manner of hype. Clearly we will be returning to Tatooine at some point (likely where we’ll see Boba Fett pop up if those rumors hold), and we’ll get significantly more Moff Gideon, offering a true season villain sprinkled throughout.

Also, while the season starts close to the end of the last, I’m willing to bet there’s a significant time jump somewhere in this season. Just look at Carl Weathers’ Greef Carga character. His facial hair has grayed entirely, where his mustache was still black. Unless he ran out of space-Just For Men, I think we’ll see a skip in the timeline.

Either way, I’m very much digging these first images so far and I can’t wait to finally get that trailer. The Mandalorian season two hits Disney+ on October 30th.