Fox Approves TV Series for Commissioner Gordon Called Gotham

Even non-comic fans have heard of Commissioner Gordon. He’s been played by Neil Hamilton (on TV) and by Pat Hingle and Gary Oldman (in film) among others. Now he’ll be the star of his own series.  Following a bidding war, the impending DC/Warner Bros. series—which will be called Gotham—has been given the direct-to-series green-light, skipping the pilot stage.  The show will air on FOX. Bruno Heller, the man behind The Mentalist, will be the head writer for Gotham.

The series will focus on a young Detective James Gordon, before he meets Batman, and his encounters with the strange villains that made Gotham the chaotic mess it was before the Dark Knight came to town. Batman will not appear in the show, but we may see other Gothamites, such as Alfred, Lucius Fox or Barbara Gordon.

In recent years, there was a TV moratorium on using Batman or his supporting cast, as mandated by Christopher Nolan and DC. This prevented the Bat characters, from appearing on Smallville, and kept the proposed Robin series The Graysons from seeing the light of day. Now that the Nolan trilogy is over, the Bat cast is unchained and can be used freely. This allows Batman to appear in Man of Steel 2 and Commissioner Gordon to star in Gotham.

Gotham will join Arrow and the planned Flash series as part of a new TV universe of DC characters. How Gotham could possibly tie into the other two series is unclear at this point. Given that Gotham will air on a different network (the other two are on the CW) crossovers will be unlikely, and the pre-Batman time period Gotham is taking place in might leave it standing on its own.