Frank Miller’s Sin City Coming to the Small Screen

Legendary’s Television department is moving forward with a Sin City series which looks to bring Robert Rodriguez back to help make it happen. 

While Sin City: A Dame to Kill For didn’t exactly light the box office on fire, nor sit well with critics, Frank Miller’s iconic comic series still has life in it. Deadline has reported that Legendary TV has closed a deal with the creator to make a television series out of the franchise.

For now, that’s about all there is to it. Legendary has guaranteed a first season of the show, so long as they find someone to air it. Whether it’ll be on a network station or one of the many streaming options out there now remains to be seen. Miller is on board to produce, and it sounds like Robert Rodriguez (who directed the two films) will be joining the project as well.

I’m curious to see if this will be another adaptation of the comics, or perhaps an all new story set within that world. Part of the deal also includes a hard-R rated animated series that would serve as a prequel to the comics. Either way, sounds like Frank Miller fans have plenty to look forward to.