Game of Thrones “Stormborn” S7 Ep2 Recap Review: Are You Totally Disturbed?

Daenerys and Company at Dragonstone

It was a dark and stormy night at Dragonstone, and Daenerys and company — Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm, Varys, Yara and Ellaria Sand, and the late Queen Margaery’s grandmother, the venerable Lady Olenna — are gathered ‘round the war table planning and plotting a way to defeat Cersei and claim the Iron Throne. Dani feels out of place; I think maybe she thought her home would feel like home and it doesn’t. Tyrion and Varys talk of Daenerys’ birth but she has no memory of it. So nothing connects her to the place she and her dead brother longed for Dani’s entire life. It’s a glimpse of the childhood dreams she once had and we watch them die a swift death with the reality of war. If Daenerys feels like a foreign queen it’s because she is.

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Varys finds himself in the hot seat when Daenerys turns her cool stare on him and grills him on loyalty and his blurred lines. Tyrion wasn’t the only one feeling cringey. In that moment Varys was skating on thin ice. The only card Varys could play was the honesty card, and he did that to perfection.

Will he keep his promise? The look on Tyrion’s face might say it’s 90-10 odds. Let’s hope Varys keeps his oath of fealty to the Dragon Queen because I can tell you one thing for sure. If Varys doesn’t keep his promise you can bet your boots that Daenerys will keep hers.

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The Return of the Red Woman

Melisandre decided to make an appearance at this moment and I doubt her slick words and powers of seduction will work on the Breaker of Chains. She had better take a page from Varys’ book and stick to the truth. And Varys, bless his heart, wastes no time informing Daenerys exactly who Melisandre is when he saw how quick Daenerys was to welcome her. Make no mistake, the Red Woman put that one in her mental roladex. Will she repay Varys for letting that tasty tidbit make its way to the Mother of Dragons’ ears? Who do you think would win if it came down to Varys vs. Melisandre?

Lucky for her she showed up on #PardonDay. And Melisandre has news and names of her own. Looks like Jon Snow, the King in the North will be making a visit to the Dragon Queen. Can you believe it? It’s happening. But will he bend the knee?


Off To See the Dragon Queen

A raven arrives from the Citadel from Sam. Jon shares the news with his Northern subjects that Sam has discovered there’s dragonglass under Dragonstone, the letter from Tyrion, the invitation to Dragonstone, and his acceptance of this invitation.

Jon has to go. He has no choice. They need weapons and allies. They need Daenerys and her dragons. Plus he has to tell Dani about a coming war that she doesn’t even know about. Despite everyone’s fears it’s a risk he has to take. Only a king can convince a queen. He leaves the north in Sansa’s hands. This is just what Baelish wants, Sansa as acting Queen in the North will legitimize his end game.

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Like a snake in the grass, Littlefinger reminds Jon of his part in winning the battle for Winterfell. He also lies about his part in Ned’s death. It was sickening. It was so worth it watching Jon choking Baelish out and threatening him to stay away from Sansa, despite Baelish’s protests of love for her (ugh!), but  Jon just made a powerful enemy.

So Jon leaves for Dragonstone. I can’t wait! Can you?

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Cersei Sitting Pretty on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing

I have to admit that Cersei looks born to rule. Since the death of Tommen she hasn’t missed a beat. She terrifies me almost as much as the Night King does. Cersei’s no joke. Both Jon and Daenerys are going to have to bring their A game. And after tonight’s ep things are looking more like a C- game.

One thing Cersei does well is twist the truth and control the information. It’s sickening and so, so frightening how she can manipulate people. She easily turned Daenerys and her dragons into monsters without even breaking a sweat. Olenna Tyrell is also on her kill list. Cersei and Jaime will make sure she will have no allies left.


Cersei and Qyburn Plotting in the Crypt

And if things weren’t bad enough Cersei and Qyburn are talking history and ways to kill dragons. I always knew Qyburn was dangerous, now I know just how dangerous he is. It’s disturbing, really. I am so afraid for those dragons. News travels fast in Westeros and Qyburn has deducted that despite the great power of dragons, despite their part in history, dragons are powerful but not invincible. He’s got ways to kill dragons and he’s not afraid to use them. The big turret ballista bolt he created and displayed for Cersei’s pleasure will do some major damage. Watching Cersei test it out made my blood turn cold. It works like a hot damn.

I hope Daenerys protects and defends her dragons like she does Tyrion.


There Are No Innocent Lannisters

Back at Dragonstone, Yara’s all for a full frontal assault on King’s Landing. Ellaria wants total decimation too, she doesn’t care who dies as long as her beloved Oberyn Martell is avenged. And don’t get her started on Lannisters. The fastest way to get Ellaria Sand triggered is to utter innocent and Lannister in the same sentence. Her loathing for Tyrion is palpable but Daenerys won’t let the Hand of the Queen be disrespected; not even by her desperately needed allies.

Tyrion gives her the lay of the land and Daenerys decides she won’t lead a hasty full on assault on King’s Landing. Instead she’ll lay siege and put the pinch on the capital food supply and starve them out. Tyrion knows Cersei, and he knows a foreign queen fighting a war with foreign soldiers is not the way to the people’s hearts so he suggest another way. So Yara and Ellaria are off to Dorne for Westerosi soldiers and will unite with the Tyrell army and attack King’s Landing, while the Unsullied will take Casterly Rock. It’s a sound strategy, and of course not everyone likes it, but they all agree to back Daenerys. They understand the logic even if they don’t like it or if it isn’t the way they’d do it.

I did find it hilarious watching Ellaria’s new appreciation for Tyrion’s ruthless plan to take down his own family’s seat of power. Couldn’t you just feel her curling her toes?

And let’s not forget Olenna Tyrell. Olenna’s old school and she wants revenge in the form of fire and blood, bad. She also thinks that those Daenerys means to rule should fear her. “Are you a sheep? No, you’re a dragon. Be a dragon.”

Daenerys is no fool; she knows exactly why Olenna is there. Out of all of Daenerys’ allies, I’d say Olenna is the one who disagrees with the game plan the most. And I don’t think she likes the plan at all. She’s angry. She wants Daenerys to annihilate Cersei. I don’t even think she hears Daenerys when Khaleesi says she will make Cersei pay for the deaths of her son and beloved grandchildren.


Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Missandei and Grey Worm’s farewell was the sweetest thing in a world that we have come to know brutally destroys sweet things. It was an unexpected moment of true vulnerability, acceptance of self and true love.


The Problem with Greyscale

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As Ser Jorah writes a letter to his Khaleesi we see just how bad the greyscale is. His mind will go in six months. And Ebrose has already written him off. Nice, right? Sadder still is that Jorah has no family. Thank goodness Sam is on the case and not Archmaester Ebrose. The excruciating treatments begin and they will both need a will of iron to see it through. Do you think Sam will find a cure? Remember Stannis’ daughter? Maybe there’s hope.


Arya Is Homeward Bound

Arya reunites briefly with Hot Pie and while they’re hanging out, Hot Pie tells her Brienne was looking for her. They talk of Cersei and then Hot Pie casually tells her that the Boltons are no longer in control of Winterfell and that Jon is the King in the North. Oh happy day! Arya high tails it outta there because it’s long past time she went home.

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Nymeria Returns

Arya’s brief reunion with Nymeria was amazing and amazingly short lived. Arya took the direwolf’s rejection hard. Turning away from Arya was the best thing that direwolf can do. Heartbreaking yes, but we don’t want this direwolf to die, do we?


A Foreign Invasion and Burning Sails

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yara fights euron 600px

theon abandons yara 600px

I can never hear the words, “a foreign invasion is underway” and not think of Ellaria Sand. Just as Ellaria thinks she’s getting a two for one deal, Euron attacks and ruins our moment and the Greyjoy ships. And despite Yara’s super badass bravery and fighting skills, Euron defeats her. He’s here for Cersei’s gift. And he gets it because Theon is a coward and abandons Yara, who moved heaven and earth for her weasel of a brother. Protector my you know what. I’m so disgusted! Theon dove overboard so fast I nearly missed it. Shame, shame, shame. He needs a nude Walk of Atonement of his very own.


Best Scene of the Night

euron takes yara prisoner 600px

There were 2 best scenes of the night. The first was when Euron had taken Yara as prisoner and is taunting Theon. There’s that moment of hope on Yara’s face that turned to realization of betrayal to deep, deep hurt when Theon let her down. It was gut wrenching and almost beautiful in its honesty. The second was the moment Melisandre revealed to Daenerys that Jon Snow is the King in the North and has tales to tell. So will Daenerys hear him out? Will they hit it off? Will she recognize him somehow? Okay, so I’m getting ahead of myself, but you were probably thinking it too. And yes, Daenerys, Jon Snow really is quite the man. Too bad you’re related. Or will that matter?

I also can’t wait for Tyrion and Jon to see each other again. They both trust each other. They both vouch for one another. What can possibly go wrong? Jon definitely won’t be overjoyed to see Melisandre again, that’s for darn sure. And you just know he’ll tell Daenerys about her love for the Lord of Light and her joy for burning people. And if Jon Snow doesn’t go into detail you know Ser Davos will. Both Melisandre and Daenerys are very fond of fire but Melisandre is a bit of a pyro and Daenerys locked up her dragons when they burned a child so, you know.


Contemplating the Great Game

What I found interesting was watching the way these three titans ruled. Both Jon and Daenerys, though they make their own decisions, have people they trust to advise them. They are even rational enough to listen to opposing opinions before ultimately choosing a plan of action. Cersei on the other hand trusts no one. Her circle of friends is quite small and they all know it’s her way or the highway. She is a tyrant through and through and that can be what ultimately destroys her. Unless she does what she always does, which is winning the game of thrones.

And now that things have gone horribly wrong even before Daenerys can get it together, will Daenerys decide to listen to Olenna instead of Tyrion?


In the End…

Dani’s plan is unraveling with this destruction of Yara’s fleet. Obara and Nymeria Sand are dead, and Yara, Ellaria and Tyene are prisoners of Cersei. It’s horrifying. It’s disturbing. Will Daenerys save them? Can she? That will mean marching on King’s Landing. Seven Hells, it’s all falling apart. First blood goes to Cersei. Damn. You win or you die, right? Do you think Yara, Ellaria and Tyene will die? Be horribly tortured? What terrible delights do you think Cersei has in store for them? I think the next episode “The Queen’s Justice” will be about Cersei’s brand of justice and not so much about Daenerys’.

I thought this episode would be about Daenerys bringing the storm, bringing the thunder, bringing her dragons…to Cersei at King’s Landing but that would be a big fat no. So as it stands, it’s bad guys 3 and good guys 0.

“Stormborn” was as awesome as it was disturbing and I’m afraid that tonight’s episode has set the tone for this season. Season 7 is going to bring the pain. And if GoTS7 is anything like season 7 of The Walking Dead, I won’t be able to take it. I won’t be able to watch anymore. Oh, who am I kidding? You know I’m going to watch, and I know you will too. No matter how much it kills us.

Was your favorite scene mentioned here? What do you think was the best scene of the night? What do you think Cersei will do to her prisoners?

Check out this preview for next week’s episode of Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice” Sunday, July 30th on HBO.