Green Lantern and Adam Strange Series Coming to HBO Max

DC is coming to HBO Max with a pair of new shows from Greg Berlanti, once again hoping to get a live-action Green Lantern off the ground!

Warner Media hosted a big event tonight to show off what they have in store for the HBO Max streaming service…In short, it’s a LOT, and we’re still working on getting coverage of everything for you. Among the 31 original series that will be coming to the service, Greg Berlanti is working on a pair of new DC shows: Green Lantern and Strange Adventures.

We’re getting a Green Lantern live action show…I’m just letting that sink in for a moment. He’s my favorite hero and his screen outings so far (unless it’s animated) have not been great. This offers a new chance for the hero to come to live-action and hopefully kick all kinds of ass.

Sadly, there’s no details on the show itself at the time, other than the fact it’s happening, though Berlanti does say it’ll be the biggest DC show ever made. I suppose that means we shouldn’t expect to see it when the service arrives this May.

Along with Green Lantern, however, we’re also getting an Adam Strange series called Strange Adventures which is described as,  “An anthology series of cautionary tales set in a world where superpowers exist.” Sounds like a neat idea, though I admit I know very little about anything Adam Strange related.

It’s exciting to see these shows happening, though I do lament the fact it’s yet another streaming service I’ll have to subscribe to. HBO Max will debut in May 2020.