HBO In Talks For A Watchmen Series

In 2009, DC Comics’ Watchmen blew up in theatres.  Most thought it was an incredible achievement in superhero cinema.  Others thought it was a poor interpretation of the comics.  Then there were those who couldn’t stop snickering at Dr. Manhatten’s…nevermind.

Fast forward six years, HBO is in talks to bring back the Watchmen but now as a series.  In most cases, companies like HBO would refrain from discussing it.  HBO, however, being the standard decided to have a lengthy discussion about it.

“Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred, but we have no additional information and no deals are in place.”

If that doesn’t say it’s happening, I don’t know what will.

Deadline first reported that Zack Snyder had initially pitched this to HBO.  However, with everything else he’s doing with DC Comics, we can assume he’d be a producer, if anything.

As we receive more information, you’ll be the first ones to know!

What do you think of the Watchmen series on HBO?