HBO Max Launch Date Revealed Along With Launch Line-Up

This morning, WarnerMedia has revealed when they’ll release their streaming service, HBO Max, along with the first look at the original shows.

In the midst of the current global pandemic, it may have been easy to forget that another streaming service was on the horizon, even one as promising as HBO Max. Today, WarnerMedia has announced new details, including a late May launch date, as well as our first look at their original launch line-up of shows.

HBO Max will arrive on May 27th, coming in at $14.99. While it seems a bit steep, and is the highest priced streaming service so far, HBO Now subscribers billed directly through HBO will get access to Max at no extra cost. On top of that people who use AT&T or Charter Communications TV services will get an automatic upgrade to HBO Max.

The launch will bring oodles of content, including all of HBO’s current offerings, WB’s films, Friends, South Park, and all the Studio Ghibli films. That’s not to mention the other WarnerMedia related content from stations like TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, and more. But of course, what they’re hoping to hook people with are the original shows you can only get on HBO Max.

The pandemic has shut down production pretty much everywhere, meaning they won’t be able to deliver the 38 original shows they initially promised within the first launch year. But there will be some original shows you’ll be able to check out on launch day next month, which you can get your first look at right now:

Personally, I’m pretty excited to see new Looney Tunes, but what are you looking forward to most? Will you be diving into HBO Max when it launches next month?