Here’s How NBC Is Trying to Keep Constantine Going

Despite the low numbers, NBC’s Constantine show has a very active and rabid fan base.  When word about the series’ production halt came about, the internet was flooded with #SaveConstantine posts and hope for the future.  Sadly, things haven’t been looking all that good.  Recently NBC announced a wave of show renewals for their channel and the DC Comics show was nowhere to be seen.  So is all hope lost for this show?  Maybe not…

I’ve heard from a couple of sources now that NBC doesn’t really want to give up on Constantine and are actively searching for ways to keep the show going.  Let me preface the next thing I’m about say with this: the sources have made it clear that this is an IDEA/possible plan being bandied about.  So it’s not 100% and may not come to pass, but it is one of the more popular ideas being put out there right now amongst the show-heads.  

Still with me?  Okay.  The idea here isn’t so much to keep Constantine going on NBC but to move it to the Syfy Channel (where the marathon they ran of the show did very well) and rebranding it as Hellblazer.  The new channel would give them a little more freedom to explore some of the darker aspects of the comic and appeal to a broader fanbase.  

Like I said, this isn’t a for sure thing right now, but my sources say it is something NBC is seriously considering and hoping to do.  I wish I had a timetable of when we might see or hear anything more specific, but for now, there’s a chance we’ll be seeing a Hellblazer show on Syfy with the same cast.