Hulu Eliminating Free Streaming Services; Sends it to Yahoo

As reported by Variety, the popular TV/Movie streaming service, Hulu, has made a deal with struggling Yahoo to make them their “preferred partner”.  The partnership is set to end all free streaming services provided by Hulu, over the next few weeks.  Hulu will then move to a fully-fledged subscription-based service, essentially full-time Hulu Plus.

What Yahoo gets out of this is that they will release their own streaming service known as Yahoo View.  The free streaming, ad-supported TV streaming model from Hulu will move to Yahoo View.  View will hold the five most recent episodes of shows from ABC, NBC and Fox, eight days after original air date, along with other network shows, day-after clips, and full seasons of anime and “Korean drama series”.

The move comes as a potential win-win for both companies.  It will force non-members to finally break down and pay for Hulu, in order to watch their favorite shows.  Meanwhile, those who don’t wish to pay either $7.99 (with ads) or $11.99 (without ads) can just use Yahoo View.  

Yahoo hopes that this will help them in the TV game, after previous streaming services failed to pick up. In fact, their stock has dropped so low, it has spurred Verizon to buy them out to the tune of $4.8 billion.  

As for Hulu, they are also working on a new live-TV streaming service with their parents companies.  However, no news has been made public just yet.

What do you think about Hulu’s free services leaving for Yahoo?  Will you watch it on Yahoo?