The First Actual Trailer for Netflix’s Iron Fist Release

Man they dropped this one at the perfect time. While some of us are still getting through episodes of Luke Cage or that have already watched the whole series like us real fans. Yeah, you heard me. Netflix and Marvel have released the trailer for the last man we need for the Defenders. Here it is guys, Danny Rand, The Iron Fist.

I said going into this series, do not skimp on the fighting and considering the multiple scenes we saw in the trailer, it looks like there will be plenty of it. Also considering Danny’s origin it looks like he’s going to be living in wealth but dressing like a bum. But screw all that noise look at that power of the Iron Fist represented. The glowing hand looks like a good effect, very accurate to the comic.

The story line is after Danny’s parents were killed looking for the mysterious city of K’un L’un and the people of the city took him in and made him into a living weapon.  Danny returns to New York 15 years later to reclaim his family’s wealth and business which will be a driving factor in the story. He’s going to be torn between his family’s legacy and his responsibility as the Iron Fist. We’ve seen little nods to this in the first Daredevil series with Madam Ghou who is very spry considering her physical stature.

Set to run 13 episodes, Finn Jones will be taking on the role of Danny Rand along with Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, and Rosario Dawson returning as our Night Nurse Claire Temple. Series debuts March 17, 2017.

-Jason The X

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