[Updated] Jon Favreau Dishes Out Minor Details on His Star Wars TV Show

[Update: Apparently there was some incorrect information in the original reporting. The TV series is going to be set seven years after the end of A New Hope (the Battle of Yavin/first Death Star). Still still puts it a couple years after Return of the Jedi, however, and a little bit after the Battle of Jakku.]

Solo: A Star Wars Story had it’s big premiere last night (the earliest yet for the new films), and the stars were out in force to enjoy the latest adventure. Among those in attendance was Jon Favreau who, on top of voicing the alien character Rio Durant, is also currently at work developing the first live-action Star Wars seriesStar Wars series. While on the red carpet, Dan Casey from Nerdist asked Favreau about the upcoming series that’s set to debut with Disney’s streaming service in 2019. Surprisingly, he actually gave some answers! 



Having the show set seven years after Return of the Jedi puts it roughly 25 years before The Force Awakens. It’s a mostly unexplored time period that has left fans debating and curious for years. As such, it seems like the perfect place to put a new TV series (especially since the new animated series, Star Wars Resistance, will take place just before TFA). 

Though he’s quick to say the TV show will focus on entirely new characters, there’s still some great opportunities to connect this show to the big characters/events, while filling in some juicy story gaps. The mention of using the same tech from his upcoming Lion King adaptation to bring many of the characters to life seems to be a pretty good indication that Disney is going to be funneling plenty of money into the show and it will have production values on a similar level to the films. 

Lastly, he’s written about half of the scripts already for the first season. Considering we don’t know if the show will be hour long episodes or even how many will be included in a season (personally, I’m hoping for 10-12 hour long episodes ala Game of Thrones), it may not seem like this is all that revealing. Even so, I’m impressed he’s that far along in the story/scripting process since he’s still neck-deep in production for The Lion King

While it’s a small update, it’s still nice to hear some official information on what’s going on with the first live-action Star Wars show. With the series supposedly coming in just a little over a year from now, hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to hear more. What do you hope to see out of the series based off the info we have now?