Judge Dredd Bringing the Law to the Small Screen

I can hear some of you Dredd fans out there already rolling your eyes but hear me out. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that comic and video game publisher Rebellion Developments are inking a deal to develop and Judge Dredd television series. IM Global is said to be spearheading the project to be titled Judge Dredd: Mega City One. Set in the future where judges patrol the streets dispensing instant justice to offenders as judge, jury, and executioner at times. IM Global has previously developed Battlestar Galactica and Helix for Sci-Fi. They were also responsible for the cult classic Dredd movie in 2012. 

No other details are available at this time but this is due to the following on the latest movie and the fans clearly wanting more. I’m sure we all wanted another movie and when I say we I mean me. I suffered through that crap fest that was the Stallone movie and greatly enjoyed the Karl Urban version so for them to finally give me the Dredd I deserved I felt cheated that it wouldn’t be revisited in anyway. I have high hopes for this series and I think that it can be handled well so long as we remember what made the second outing so good, staying true to the character. No network has picked it up yet but can Starz or Netflix please take this one up please?

-Jason The X