Lando Will Be Back for More Star Wars Rebels Adventures

A few weeks ago, the crew from Star Wars Rebels met up with smooth-talking Lando Calrissian (in the episode titled “Idiot’s Array”) and cool things happened.  It was a great episode and has been the case with all their cameos on the show so far, was integrated nicely and fit within the world they’ve established.  Easily the most exciting thing was hearing the man himself, Billy Dee Williams reprise his iconic character for the series.  

The man hasn’t missed a beat and the Lando we saw in the episode was most definitely the one so many of us grew up with in the original movies.  In all, the episode and his appearance was great.  One of the questions on many fans’ minds, however, is would we see the character again.  While there have been indications he could do more than one appearance, we hadn’t heard any confirmation until now.  


I got the chance to speak with Billy Dee last night one-on-one to talk about his return (full interview is coming soon), and he confirmed we’ll see Lando again.  He said he’s been working with the Rebels crew for a year or so and when I asked him bluntly if we’ll see him again in Star Wars Rebels he responded: “Yeah!  There’s more adventures with Lando coming up.”

He seemed enthusiastic about the role, adding: “They keep calling me up to do Lando, and I love Lando, so I don’t mind!  [Note that this comment is in regards to OTHER voice-work he’s done for the character and not just Rebels] As long as the fans keep responding to it in a positive way, they’ll keep bringing [Lando] back…”

So there you have it.  If you want more Lando, you’re gonna have to keep asking for it and make it well known to Disney/Lucasfilm that his presence is wanted!  At the least we can look forward to seeing Lando in future episodes, though details on when and how, he wasn’t able to discuss.  Guess you’ll just have to keep your eyes open! 


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