Learn About the Dark Side in the Trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 2

With just 5 days until the mid-season premiere of Star Wars Rebels comes out on Disney XD, we got our first look at everything that’s in store.

What an amazing trailer for the rest of the season!  There is so much in this, it feels like its going to be a movie!  The one thing that comes as no surprise is Princess Leia being in Rebels, as our Editor-In-Chief reported earlier in the week.  

However, what does come as surprise is the inclusion of Darth Vader and the contact he’ll have with Ahsoka, Ezra‘s development and finding a lightsaber in the same style of Kylo Ren, and the cameo of what looks to be Darth Maul!

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is picking up the pace for the rest of the season and it’s a welcome speed.  

Season 2 returns Wednesday, January 20 on Disney XD!

What do you think of the rest of Season 2?