Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Update: Constantine to Return, Astra Confirmed as Villain

The last couple of days has seen some important updates regarding the fifth season of Legends of Tomorrow. Among these updates include the welcome news that Matt Ryan’s Constantine will be staying with the show, along with the news that Astra will be one of the villains for the season.The news that John Constantine will be sticking around the Waverider should please everyone, as the brooding sorcerer and master of the dark arts has proved a welcome addition to the show. It will be great to see the story of Matt Ryan’s Constantine continue.

That’s not the only news that’s been announced, as it has also been revealed that Astra (Olivia Swann) has been promoted to series regular and will be one of the “big bads” of the season. Given the connection between Astra and Constantine (spoiler alert: he’s the reason she ended up trapped in Hell as a child), season 5 should prove very interesting indeed.

An exact release date for Legends of Tomorrow season 5 has not been revealed, but it’s believed the season will be premiering sometime in January 2020.