Legends Of Tomorrow Will Feature a Young George Lucas

The CW hit show, Legends of Tomorrow, has gone all around time. Encountering some pretty historic events, as well as some iconic characters and people. But it looks like late this season we will be venturing into the world of Star Wars. Figuratively speaking of course.

According to EW, Our Legends will be traveling to Los Angeles in 1967 for the winter premiere entitled “Raiders of the Lost Art“. As they search for they lost leader Rip Hunter, who is apparently working as a director, they will come across a young George Lucas as he works on the short films that made him fall in love with film before he even began on American Graffiti or Star Wars.

george lucas star wars 04

Executive producer of Legends of TomorrowMarc Guggenheim, describes the upcoming episode “Because of circumstances, the time aberration in episode 209 is George Lucas quits film school. As a result, he never makes Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark. As a result, Ray, who became an engineer because of Star Wars, and Nate, who became a historian because of Raiders, slowly start to lose their brilliance, because those things that inspired them to become who they are didn’t exist…We were watching a cut of it, and I said to Greg [Berlanti] that 209 is either going to be the episode where we’ll say that the show found a new gear in terms of how zany it can be, or it’s the episode that’s going to get us all fired. It really is. You’re laughing out loud, I think with it, but it’s like, “Are we really doing this?” It’s the ’70s bar fight on steroids. The whole episode is that level of crazy.

Matt Angel, who can be seen in a reoccurring role on the new hit MTV show Sweet/Vicious, has been cast to play the iconic director in the upcoming premiere. No word on how big or small of a part this will be, but anything Star Wars related is destined to be fun to watch.

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CW Also released the trailer for the upcoming premier which can be seen here:

Legends of Tomorrow will return to CW on  January 24th at 9 p.m. ET.