Live-Action Star Wars Show Being Developed for Disney’s Streaming Service

Wow…what a day for Star Wars fans, huh?  In addition to getting the awesome (and very unexpected) news that Rian Johnson is developing an entirely new Star Wars trilogy for the big screen, we now have confirmation that a live-action TV show is in the works.  

The news comes from Bob Iger himself, Disney’s CEO/Chairman, during the company’s quarterly earnings call.  The Star Wars show is planned to arrive on Disney’s new streaming service, which is expected to arrive before the end of 2019 (though, that doesn’t necessarily mean the show will debut at launch).  

On top of Star Wars, an all new original Marvel series is also in the works, along with a Monsters Inc. related show, and even a High School Musical series.  In all, Disney is definitely trying to bring out the big guns to push their streaming service.  Will a live-action Star Wars show be enough to get you to subscribe? 


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