Looks Like a New Animated Batman Series is Coming

I’m kind of frustrated with Cartoon Network and their DC animated shows.  Green Lantern was one of my favorites and it was cancelled unduly in order to make room for Teen Titans Go and Beware the Batman.  While I enjoy Teen Titans Go, I feel ultimately jipped.  Then I watched older shows, like Batman Beyond and Batman: The Animated Series and all I can think of is, “Why can’t we have this again?”  Seriously, those shows were great. 

Even so, with great series to draw from, the showrunners seem to be having a hard time finding the right groove for any new DC adaptations.  That hasn’t stopped them from trying, however, and it appears as though they’re are ramping up to try with a new series called Batman: Unlimited. 

Batman Unlimted

The banner you see here, is on display at the currently ongoing London Licensing Expo (originally posted on Reddit).  It’s a place where studios show off some of what they have coming up in order to entice new licensees to pick them up and make some more money.  It’s kind of a like a preview show to gather new investors/marketers.  While this banner isn’t conclusive proof that a new series is coming any time soon, I don’t know why else it’d be shown in this manner if a new series wasn’t coming. 

What do you guys think?  Is a new series coming, are you looking forward to it, or bummed that they keep jumping around?