Spot the Luke Cage Easter Eggs in This New Video

Luke Cage continues this Marvel Netflix dominance that we’ve seen since Daredevil, and as we’ve seen in the other series, the cast and crew love to throw us uber nerds a little tease in the form of Easter eggs. You guys know how it is explaining to your friends who may not be as well versed in the properties. “Hey normal friend! I’m freaking out because thay just made a reference to a comic book from a few years ago that you have no knowledge of but to me is like finding ten bucks in the dryer.”

If you’re not as familiar with the Luke Cage comics or missed some of the Easter Eggs, I’ve broken some down for you in this nifty video.  I hope you guys will enjoy and if you saw some I missed let me know.

-Jason The X

Yes folks I go through this stuff with a fine tooth comb like an obsession. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX