Luke Cage Trailer, Iron Fist First Look, and Defenders Teaser

First up, we got an extended look at this year’s upcoming series, Luke Cage (who was introduced in Jessica Jones last year).  

Then we got this first look at Iron Fist. This one look exciting.

But then they had to go ahead and put some whipped cream on top of the whole juicy deal, giving us a tease of the Netflix heroes coming together for The Defenders!

Okay so with Luke Cage we’re seeing the motivation for the series with Luke beginning to be a “Hero for Hire”. I like that we got to see a pretty good look at his abilities but I was confident in that after Jessica Jones.  Iron Fist, however, looks to be taking a more original take on the story of Danny Rand with what appears to be a psychiatric hospital housing our newest hero. Maybe he’ll run into a certain moon themed character in there.

Now on to this Defenders teaser. The haunting version of Come As You Are, The ripping paper of all the heroes logos forming the “defend” image at the end…Man this is how you do a teaser. But then Stick’s voice sounding off at the end, wow!

I’ve been a huge fan of the work Marvel has been doing on Netflix and probably will continue to be but last night releasing all the trailers in succession has left the everyone pretty much blindsided in the best way. Luke Cage debuts September 30th, 2016. Iron Fist and The Defenders will both land at some point in 2017.


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