Man from Atlantis leads new Warner Archive Instant titles


It all begins with a storm and a man washed up on shore. A man with gills… Before he shot to superstardom in Dallas playing Bobby Ewing, Patrick Duffy donned swim trunks for a super-heroic turn as Mark Harris, Man from Atlantis. Debuting in a series of Sci-Fi movies-of-the-week, the adventures of the amnesiac Atlantean so captivated audiences that the movies spawned a weekly TV series. Eschewing the TV movies’ more cerebral approach for more light-hearted action fare, the series took a more campy turn only to sink into the depths of TV history (but not before becoming the first American TV import to Communist China!). Now’s your chance to explore below the surface of this seminal show as never before – thanks to its sparkling High Definition 1080p presentation. Also stars Alan Fudge and Belinda Montgomery, with Victor Buono as recurring villain Mr. Shubert.;&utm_source=crm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WAI050214&click=WAI050214



Victor Saville’s sweeping romantic saga delivers up the MGM spectacle-show in high style. Lana Turner and Donna Reed star as pair of sisters, one nice, one naughty, who fall in love with the same man (Richard Hart). When that man succeeds in securing his livelihood in New Zealand , he sends for the sister he loves. Or so he thinks. Full of sights and sounds as only the Tiffany of studios could deliver, the film is packed with a native uprising, an earthquake and all the romance and adventure a film-fan could yearn for. Also stars Van Heflin, Frank Morgan, Edmund Gwenn and Dame May Witty. The original music by Bronislau Kaper is a truly great score whose main theme has become a Jazz standard.;&utm_source=crm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WAI050214&click=WAI050214



Master producer Val Lewton follows up his haunting horror smash Cat People with this curveball of a sequel that lingers in the mind as long as the original. Curse of the Cat People takes the “lie of the mind” angle of the original and subverts it into a fable for children about the power and importance of imagination. Years after the events of Cat People, Oliver Reed is the father of Amy, an introverted young girl. The socially awkward Amy, pressured to make friends, creates an imaginary one. An imaginary friend that just so happens to be the very likeness of Oliver’s cat-crazed deceased wife, Irene… Directed by Robert Wise.;&utm_source=crm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WAI050214&click=WAI050214



Ever ahead of his day, the legendary Gene Kelly forgoes dance for drama in this socially conscious feature that boldly confronts the Mafia and its predations long before it became common cinema fodder. Kelly plays Johnny Columbo who returns to America from Italy intent on vendetta against the Black Hand, the notorious organization of mafiosos that murdered his father. Teresa Celli andJ. Carrol Naish play the pair that attempts to put him on a more enlightened path. Kelly delivers a knock-out under the direction of Richard Thorpe.;&utm_source=crm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WAI050214&click=WAI050214


FLAREUP (1969) 

Raquel Welch stars as a go-go dancer on the run from a co-worker’s homicidal husband in this late Sixties thriller. Shot on location in Las Vegas and Los Angeles , Flareup’s cool HD transfer gives viewers a chance to time travel in hot pants and mini-skirt style, while Raquel’s extended go-go scene is an eye-popping piece of widescreen wonder. 16×9 Widescreen;&utm_source=crm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WAI050214&click=WAI050214