Marvel Announces Mystery Project With 12 Years A Slave Writer John Ridley

Marvel has a lot of major movie plans for the next few years but they are also keeping themselves busy with small screen projects. Just recently, Marvel announced a spin-off to Agents of SHIELD, although they gave very little information on what it will be about or who will be in it. Now they have told Entertainment Weekly that they are working on a “mystery project” for ABC TV.

The prolific folks at Marvel have recruited the services of talented writer John Ridley, who was the screenwriter for the 2013 Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave, as well as Three Kings and Red Tails. He also worked on the series American Crime and wrote several episodes of the Justice League animated series, so he is familiar with comic book adaptations.

Could this project and the Agents of SHIELD spin-off be one-and-the-same, or does Marvel have a double header coming to TV in the near future? All the’ve said is that it will involve “reinventing an existing Marvel superhero character or property for ABC”. If it’s a SHIELD spin-off, who from that show could it be about? Deathlok? Mockingbird? One of the as-yet-unseen Inhumans? If it’s not a spin-off, then who amongst the vast Marvel stable of costumes characters will be getting his/her own ABC series next? Without any further information than we’ve got, it’s hard to narrow down the list of likely candidates. I’m sure every Marvel fan has a wish-list of characters who they’d love to see get their own show. Which not-yet-adapted Marvel character would lend him/herself to a weekly TV series?  

Given his resume, Ridley seems like the guy you’d hire if Marvel wanted to do a TV project with its first black lead character. With Luke Cage, War Machine, Nick Fury and the Falcon already spoken for, and with the Black Panther headed to the big screen, who could that be? Storm and Bishop are out of the running, being part of Fox’s X-franchise. I’m seriously doubting Brother Voodoo is very likely. So who does that leave? J. August Richards’ character of Mike Peterson, AKA Deathlok, is a strong possibility. Maybe Cloak & Dagger will be a shot at TV stardom? Misty Knight perhaps?

It’s all guess work right now. Who do you think is getting a series next? Who would be on your wish list?