Marvel Offers First Official Look at Daredevil at NYCC 14

Netflix and Marvel’s upcoming Daredevil series has been filming for a little bit now, and while we’ve seen some set pics, and know the cast, we’ve still be largely kept in the dark.  Fans of the Man Without Fear have been anxious to see what the new version of the character will look like (since Ben Affleck’s movie incarnation wasn’t that well liked).  Today, Marvel finally gave us a bone to work with in the form of a par of official images: 



The top one is our first “official” look at Charlie Cox in his Matt Murdock attire, and the bottom image is Daredevil all suited up.  Now, if you’re not fully digging the new outfit, just chill.  This is an “early” version of the suit, just as Murdock is getting started as a vigilante (and it looks very similar to some of the early comic book designs).  Think of it as a starter uniform, with the more classic red suit coming later in the series.  This is information dished out during the show’s NYCC panel.  

While the overall plot of the series still isn’t known, other than it being an origin story, some other tidbits came out of the panel.  For instance Rosario Dawson’s role in the film has been revealed.  She’ll be playing Claire Temple (who has ties to Luke Cage) and based on how she’s been described, she’s the MCU version of the Night Nurse, a hospital worker who tends to the various superheroes (making several Daredevil appearances) and their ailments.  

With a few other shows in the pipeline for Netflix, it’ll be interesting to see if Dawson’s character is one of the connecting threads throughout all of the various shows.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen, and I’m hoping they do something cool with her story.  


What do you guys think of the Daredevil look?  Hopefully we’ll get the more “finished” suit before too long, but some footage was shown and generally people seem happy.  Let’s just hope we get a release date for it before too long!