Marvel Planning Five New TV Series

Now that Agents of SHIELD has gotten the green light for a full season’s worth of episodes and a possible Agent Carter TV show is on the horizon, Deadline Hollywood says Marvel Entertainment is planning to expand their television universe to make it a worthy companion to their successful cinematic universe. Marvel Entertainment is looking for a home for a new, massive small-screen package which will be composed of 60 episodes, broken up into four new TV series and mini-series.  As has become typical of Marvel, they are keeping mum about the details.

Marvel is looking to break some new ground with this unusual approach, and this 60 episode package could possibly go directly to Amazon, Netflix or WGN America. Picking up this package would make sense for outlets which are new to scripted programming, and are looking to quickly build-up a reputation and capitalize on the Marvel brand.

When we have more news about this project, we’ll let you know.