Marvel working on a “What If” Animated anthology series for Disney Plus


The “What If” comic series dove into the possible outcomes of major Marvel comic stories or characters in Alternate Universes. “What If ” comics has been published off and on starting in 1977 with ‘What If Spiderman had Joined the Fantastic Four.’ The comic series was “narrated” by Uatu an alien who is part of a race of beings called The Watchers who observe and record events for those who will come after the universe ends.

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Stationed on his moon base, Uatu, watched over Earth and its alternate realities and would engage the reader by giving them the synopsis of a historic marvel event then lead into “what if” the story you knew had a different outcome. These were some really awesome storylines and I loved these comics when I collected comics.

What If Vol 1 21What If Vol 1 31

According to the report they even have at least one show that will be adapted and that’s What If? Vol.1 #47 – What If Loki had found the Hammer of Thor. As far as other shows it’s not known if they will continue to adapt the comic series or just create their own storylines to fuel the TV show.

What If Vol 1 47


Marvel certainly is not playing around when it comes to Disney plus content. If I was unsure if I’d get the service or not, this news is a definite check on the ‘get it’ column. The Disney Plus service is scheduled to release later this year.