MCU To Get Limited Series On Disney Streaming Service

As they sit now, the MCU is very loosely tied to the Television Universe. Maybe more so with the Netflix shows rather than Agents Of SHIELD. But it looks like the MCU is set to make a big impact with limited series’.

In an exclusive obtained by Variety, it seems some of the MCU character who have yet to have their own stand-alone films will be getting their own runs in a series on the Disney Streaming Service. The report says that plan to include limited series based on characters such as Loki and the Scarlet Witch, with Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen expected to return to play these characters.

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While the series’ are not set to stay with just these two it is very interesting to see Disney do this. While the Television Side has always been heavily influenced by the Films, the Films have never really paid Television no mind. Sending major stars to lead shows like this is a big move. Disney is already set to through he big bucks to a Galaxy Far Far Away with the first Star Wars Live Action show that will be debuting on their streaming service. And pulling in the stars of the MCU, like a Hidleston and Olsen, says that this too will be a big budgeted project. All these moves a really setting up the Disney Streaming Service to be a must have program. 

Who from the MCU would you like to see get their own limited series? Let us know in comments below!