Meet the Crew of Star Wars Resistance in New Video

While we got our first Star Wars Resistance trailer not too long ago, there’s still quite a bit we don’t know about the new heroes we’ll be following around this time. This morning, LFL released a new behind the scenes video that introduces us to the cast and the personalities of the characters they play:

On top of the sweet new footage, it’s great to learn more about the characters we’ll be spending time with in the new series. I like the idea of this crew being a “racing team” and trying to garner information on the First Order through this sort of means. It’s exactly the under the radar style mission a “resistance” would do. 

The video also gives us more of the animation style in action…and I’m digging it. I know not everyone is woohoo about the style, but I’m enjoying the differences and wider array of colors/designs being used compared to what we saw with Star Wars Rebels (which used the same assets again and again).  

Star Wars Resistance premieres on the Disney Channel Sunday October 7th, at 10pm (an odd time, I know).