More Famous Batman Villains Will Be Introduced in Gotham’s Second Season

Fox’s Gotham, the story of a young James Gordon and an even young Bruce Wayne navigating the corrupt underbelly of crime-ridden Gotham City 15 years before the Dark Knight makes his debut, has already been renewed for  a second year, and the producers are now talking about what they have planned for the fall season.

On April 13th, Gotham returns from a six-week hiatus when the final five episodes will air. But what happens after that? Gotham producer John Stephens spoke at WonderCon about some of the plans the production team has in mind for the show in year two. As with the first season, some established Batman bad guys will be popping up, in their pre-costumed form. Stephens reveals that Mr. Freeze, Clayface and the Mad Hatter are all scheduled to vex Jim Gordon and the Gotham PD in season two.

Stephens said, “We always want to walk the fine line of the reality of our world. Walking right up to that line where super-villains live. So there are a lot of characters from Batman lore that fit that bill. People like Victor Freeze , who’s a science villain. You can play a lot of his abilities without going into the world of superheroes. Clayface and Mad Hatter are both villains we’re going to bring in. They both have great backstories and great personalities. Clayface especially is a character I want to explore.”

Stephens was also asked whether or not the shadowy, secret crime syndicate known as the Court of Owls, created by Scott Snyder in the comics in 2011, would appear in Gotham. His answer was, “The Court of Owls is something we’ve discussed a lot. We keep digging up very close to it without quite pulling the trigger. It’s clear that there is a group of shadowy individuals that control and influence Wayne Enterprise and have great power in Gotham and may or may not be connected to Carmine Falcone. Is that The Court of Owls? Maybe… Keep watching and those questions will be answered.”