Nancy Drew Series Premiere Review – SDCC 2019

The Nancy Drew pilot aired during the early stages of SDCC 2019. Thankfully, our resident TV enthusiast, Rob Ntropi was on site to experience every moment. Here is his review…

Nancy Drew begins with Nancy (Kennedy McMann) narrating certain events of her life and introducing various characters of the show filling in the details of who’s who and what’s going on. We soon meet her love interest Ned Nickerson (Tunji Kasim), a nice boy with a criminal past he’s hiding from everyone… even Nancy. Her former schoolmate and now “boss” at the restaurant Nancy works at, George (Leah Lewis). George is your typical salty/blunt character. The troubled girl, Bess (Maddison Jaizani) who seems to have an issue with taking things that don’t belong to her. Finally there’s the restaurant cook, Ace who seems like a guy just trying to fit in with the rest of the kids

The mystery comes in when Nancy comes across the body of Tiffany Hudson outside the restaurant she works at, the Claw. Of course Nancy and a her 4 friends are considered suspects in the murder and it’s up to Nancy to find the truth and clear their names. While investigating this mystery, the show throws A LOT of information at you that should keep this show going for at least 3 seasons. Almost everyone on here has a secret some of which gets revealed to the others and some just to the audience.

Although, it has nothing to do with the current Riverdale series, Nancy Drew has a very Riverdale feel to it, with all it’s background drama. The murder of Tiffany Hudson is just the backdrop for all the other issues with the characters of the show. 

As for the show itself it looks good for the first episode as I mentioned above there’s a Riverdale feel to it so if you enjoy that show you will most likely enjoy this one also. The characters also aren’t as annoying as some Riverdale characters (looking at you Archie) and are honestly likeable. I personally really like George. She’s blunt, gets to the point and is just an overall badass. I dig that in a girl.

The show will be a very dysfunctional group of “Scoobies” (As in Scooby Doo but without the dog) who we will all find out had some involvement with Mrs. Hudson and now they must find ways to clear their names and hold onto secrets that could possibly destroy their or others lives.

Oh and did I mention the ghost? No? Well you should probably check out Nancy Drew this fall to find out what’s going on in this town.