Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS To Run 6 Seasons


American Gods was published in 2001. Author Neil Gaiman plans for the series based on his popular book to have a multi-season arc. He hopes that the show will last for six seasons.  The first two seasons will cover the first section of the book. Gaiman is currently working on a sequel to American Gods, which will expand his overall story.


The plot:  Shadow is an ex-con who returns home to find that the woman he loves has died violently while having an affair with his best friend. Soon after, he meets Mr. Wednesday, a “businessman” who needs Shadow to do his work in the world. We soon learn that Wednesday is the Norse God Odin in an American guise, and that what he requires from Shadow is a lot more than running a few shady errands, as a battle of ancient Gods against new Gods ensues.


The story involves the concepts of belief and Gods in the modern world, all seen through the eyes of Shadow. He sees their flaws as he learns more about his own strengths. Gaiman hopes to have the pilot episode written soon, and casting will begin. It will air on HBO.