Netflix is Creating an Animated Series Based on Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone’

In amazing news for fans of comics and animated series alike, word has come out that Netflix has secured the right’s to Jeff Smith’s epic saga Bone.

Attempts to adapt the popular series Bone to film date back to 2008, but nothing has ever come to fruition until now. Instead of creating a feature film, Netflix is planning to create an animated series aimed at a younger audience, though longtime fans will likely be tuning in as well.

“I’ve waited a long time for this,” [creator Jeff] Smith said. “Netflix is the perfect home for Bone. Fans of the books know that the story develops chapter-by-chapter and book-by-book. An animated series is exactly the way to do this! The team at Netflix understands Bone and is committed to doing something special — this is good news for kids and cartoon lovers all over the world.”

For those not familiar, Bone is an epic comic series that was originally published from 1991 to 2004, and is regarded as one of the great graphic novel epics, accumulating over 40 national and international publishing awards. The story follows the Bone cousins — the intrepid Fone Bone, the scheming Phoney Bone, and the affable Smiley Bone — on their adventures through a vast, uncharted desert that gives way to a mysterious valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures.

If done properly, an animated series based on Bone will be popular indeed. No word yet on when production on the series will begin, but hopefully more details will become available soon.