Netflix Picks Up New Anne of Green Gables Series

If you’re not familiar with the antics of Anne Shirley, you’re kinda missing out.  Anne of Green Gables was a book originally published in 1908 by author Lucy Maud Montgomery.  The populra series followed the orphan Anne Shirley as she bounced from abusive orphanages and foster families, until she lands in Green Gables.  Despite her troubled childhood, the young girl brings new life to the town with her spunky attitude and quick intellect, eventually changing her own life and those around her for the better.  

In the 100 years since the books first debuted, the series has been adapted a number of ways (TV, direct to video movies, cartoon series), but perhaps none is so successful as Canada’s own 1985 mini-series.  That’s how I came to know the series, as it’s one of my girlfriend’s all time favorite movies.  I bought the DVD as a gift, and watched it with her, surprised at how engaged I became with the character and story (it’s definitely not normally a genre in my wheelhouse), and it eventually prompted me to pick up the original books.  As such, I’m pretty interested in the new series, which is now coming to Netflix.  

The new show, simply titled Anne, was first announced at the start of the year and comes from Breaking Bad writer, Moira Walley-Beckett.  The two hour premiere and subsequent eight episode series will stream on Netflix globally, while still airing on CBC in Canada.  While no release date has been announced, the show is expected to debut sometime in 2017.  

Production will begin next month, so hopefully we’ll have more official word before too long!