New Cast Members Revealed as Production on Halo’s Live-Action Series Begins

The long-gestating Halo television series is finally entering production. Showtime announced the kickoff with new cast members and character details.

In the bygone days of 2013, Microsoft announced that it’s most popular gaming franchise, Halo, was getting a live-action TV series. After a lot of delays and a few false starts, Showtime has announced the start of production.

Revealed during a social media blast, the table reads with the cast are over and cameras are ready to role. On top of the previously announced cast members, they also announced some newcomers to the series:

Danny Sapani – plays war hero and caring father Captain Jacob Keyes.

Olive Gray – plays his daughter, Dr. Miranda Keyes, a UNSC Commander dedicated to understanding the technology, language, and culture of the Covenant

Charlie Murphy – plays Makee, an orphaned human who was raised by the Covenant and shares their contempt for humanity.

To be entirely honest, and fair, I’m not up to date on my Halo lore. That said, these character descriptions have me interested to see where this show goes. There’s a lot of potential for fun action and great stories, so let’s hope they can pull it all together!

The Halo TV series is set to debut in 2021.