Netflix Drops a New Action-Packed Luke Cage Trailer

We’re seeing a bit more of what Cage’s motivation is and seeing him making a difference at a street level like the other Netflix series. The little homages we get regarding his origins and some comic-friendly looking stuff made me grin a bit. The silver tiara and bracers were truly fanboy love right there.

Simone Missick who plays NYPD detective Misty Knight looks like she’s going to be a constant face in the series and I have high hopes for the character. Frankie Faison as this character Pops looks like he’s going to be a great part of the series as well plus it’s Frankie Faison he’s awesome. The effects look good and practical and that shot of the poor sucka that hit Cage in the face looks sickening. Also with comic writer John Romita Jr. having a hand in the writing really has me in anticipation of this series.

My schedule for September 30 is officially cleared to binge Luke Cage.  What do you guys think of the new trailer?  

-Jason The X