New Star Wars Rebels Character Revealed: Kanan the “Cowboy Jedi”

USA Today debuted a new video yesterday that revealed Freddie Prinze Jr. is voicing the character of Kanan, who is described as a ‘cowboy Jedi’.  He’ll be one of the primary characters in the new show who somehow managed to escape Order 66, and is now hiding his Jedi past to keep himself and his crew safe (while still sticking a thorn in the Empire’s side):

While so many of us Star Wars fans are anxiously awaiting any official news concerining Star Wars Episode VII, it’s nice to get information like this and behidn the scenes looks at the new TV show.  It’s a little something that helps hold us over.  As a big fan of the Clone Wars, I’m eager to see what they bring to the table with Rebels, especially set in this particular time frame.  

What do you think of the new Jedi joining the galaxy?