New Warriors and Squirrel Girl Series in Development


Okay I honestly don’t know where to start here. These are two properties from Marvel that I thoroughly enjoy. You’ve got the New Warriors created in 1989 by one of my favorite writers Tom DeFalco. Consisting first of Night Thrasher/Dwayne Taylor the peak human armored suit wearing leader. Namorita the cousin of Sub-Mariner and a human Atlantean hybrid. Nova/Richard Ryder, member of the galaxy police force known as the Nova Corp. Speedball/Bobby Baldwin kinetic field wielding human pinball. Firestar/Angelica Jones mutant who can store and convert energy into heat, light, and radiation.  And lastly Marvel Boy/Vance Astrovick mutant telekinetic. Now this team may not see the screen and I’m pretty sure ol’ Dick Ryder died a horrible death in the comics but hey we still have the newest Nova/Sam Alexander.


Now rounding out the team in some manner would be Doreen Green better known as one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe Squirrel Girl. Yes I know bringing such a powerful as Squirrel Girl into the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be a bit unfair to the rest of the heroes but I personally can’t wait. I mean Doctor Doom, Deadpool, Wolverine, even Thanos. But hey we can try to contain the mighty Squirrel Girl but can we really just have her in a TV series?


Anyway I don’t see the full original team but being able to bring some younger teen heroes in under the Warriors banner would be great. But this would be bringing Atlanteans, Mutants, and expand the Nova Corps. Talk is going around that it’ll be a comedy series in a 30 minute format. No word on the channel or platform but maybe it’s time for some Hulu dominance in a mighty Marvel way. I’m a appy nerd here folks.

-Jason The X


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