NYCC: Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Preview at NYCC Panel

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our new favorite Rebels fight against the Empire.  While yes, a few months ago we did see Disney XD’s hour long special entitled The Siege on Lothal, fans like myself have been waiting longingly for the series to continue.

However while we wait, on Thursday October 8th the attendees at NYCC will have the opportunity to check out not one but two episodes of the new season while at the Star Wars Rebels panel.  Also showing at the panel will be a variety of special guests from the series.  

The panel itself will be on the Empire Stage at 1:30p.  However, that will just be the guest panel. Fans looking to watch the new episodes will have to wait until 5:30p on the same Empire Stage.

As the second season of Star Wars Rebels opens, the crew of the Ghost is now considered a very real threat to the Empire and has caught the attention of Darth Vader himself. Undeterred, the rebels seek out old friends and add powerful allies to their cause, forming the beginnings of a more formidable alliance against the Empire. To stop them, Vader will dispatch new agents to hunt down their growing coalition, determined to snuff them out before they can ignite a galaxy to rebellion.

What do you think of this news?  Are you attending?  Let us know!