Pokemon Anime Makes the Switch to Disney XD

Normally, I don’t report on all the changes going on with the Pokemon anime.  Despite being a huge fan of the games, I never got into the series, but today’s news is a little bit different and something fans of the show will want to know.  For as long as I can remember, the Pokemon series was something you could watch on The WB (or CW now) and Cartoon Network.  No more!  

Disney XD will be the new home of the Pokemon Anime and movies, kicking off on December 5th, with the debut of a new movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.  Early next year will see the debut of the show’s 20th season, Sun & Moon, and all of the previous seasons will also be available in some form.

The Pokémon Company International announced today a multiyear animation distribution deal with Disney XD, making the network the new home for Pokémon animated content in the US. Disney XD and its multiple platforms will air the 20th season of the popular Pokémon animated series and much of the Pokémon animation library, including 19 previous seasons consisting of over 900 episodes, plus 15 movies.

The upcoming season of the beloved Pokémon animated series, premiering on Disney XD in early 2017, will be titled Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon and will feature new characters and action-packed adventures that continue the great storytelling and narrative of the Pokémon universe. Disney XD in the US will also premiere the new feature-length animated film, Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, on Monday, December 5, when viewers will also get a sneak peek at the upcoming season with the debut of the first two episodes.

“During our 20-year celebration, fans’ appetite for Pokémon is at an all-time high, and The Pokémon Company International is thrilled to join forces with Disney XD as the new home for Pokémon animation in the US,” said Emily Arons, senior vice president at The Pokémon Company International. “Disney XD is the perfect way to deliver Pokémon animation to kids and fans across the country on its multiple platforms.”

Pokémon animated content currently airs on Disney XD in Europe. Additional air dates for Pokémon animated content on Disney XD in the US will be announced at a later date.

It’s crazy to see such a big switch, but if you’re a fan of the series, it’s time to adjust your DVR accordingly.