Reboot Coming Back For a New Generation

ReBoot The Guardian Code post

Mainframe Entertainment will be producing a 26 episode series combining live action and CGI called Reboot: The Guardian Code. The series will focus around four teenagers named Grey, Tamara, Parker, and Austin who will be our Guardians of the Net. The antagonist will be someone who goes by The Sourceror bent on controlling the Net.


Yes they have confirmed Megabyte will be back as well but none of the other characters have been confirmed yet. Now I know it doesn’t sound like the original series as much as you would like but they have said they understand what this series means to fans of the original so expect that same adventure comedy that we grew up with in this series as well. With over 20 years having passed it’s time that this groundbreaking series return in a major way. So while you’re at it introduce your kids to the original while we wait for this to debut.