Saint Seija Remake to Debut on Netflix

When I woke up this morning the idea that Knights of the Zodiac would be getting a new series was the furthest thing from my mind. Originally reported on Kotaku, Toei Animation and Netflix are partnering to give new life to the series in a 12-episode season running 30 minutes. Along with the announcement we were treated to this poster showing the debut date as only soon.


Saint Seija originally debuting in 1986 in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump it follows the adventures of five warriors with mystic armor called cloths. It got its own anime which ran from 1986 to 1989, six full length movies, and several games on different platforms. Now the series never really took off in the United States but has a very strong fan following. With the success of a Netflix series it could be an engine to really show people how good this series is. Oh did I mention it had some awesome toys. We’ll know more apparently “soon”.

-Jason The X

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