Samurai Jack Returns in 2016 to Adult Swim!

Well this is certainly unexpected!  Samurai Jack was a show on Cartoon Network that told a surprisingly deep story, with impressive animation from Genndy Tartakovsky (Powerpuff Girls, the original Clone Wars cartoon), but was sadly cut short before the plot could be wrapped up.  This left fans with a big cliffhanger and mystery as to how it all goes down.  

Today, via this short (and unrevealing) promo, Cartoon Network has revealed the original creator is back for more with NEW episodes coming in 2016 during the Toonami block of programming on Adult Swim.  The epic story will continue where it left off, which is something fans are sure to be happy about.  I know I’m through the roof about this, and suddenly need to catch up on the previous seasons.  

What do you guys think about this announcement?