SDCC 2018 – Episode 1 of Hulu’s Castle Rock Leaves You Wanting More

Synopsis for Episode 1 – Severance

Lawyer, Henry Deaver, returns home to Maine after the warden of shawshank prison kills himself after that happens the new warden that comes in notices that a wing of the prison has been closed for a little over 30 years. Upon investigation of this forgotten wing, they find Bill Skarsgard’s character behind bars.  When prompted to speak, he only says the name Henry Deaver.

Although the warden is trying to cover up his presence since he has no prison records that can be found, Henry gets an anonymous call to come to the prison, looking for the mystery prisoner.

Upon Henry’s return to Maine, he goes home to find his mom is suffering from mild dementia and is now living with the ex-sheriff of the town, which does not sit well with him. Henry goes to the prison to find the mystery prisoner, but gets the run around from the warden. It’s obvious he will be back because he is not giving up that easily.

It ends with us seeing something sinister about this prisoner, which we will find out more about as the season continues.

Feelings on Episode 1

I dig it. It’s very mysterious so far, but the pacing and story keeps you interested in it to want to continue watching.  I’m tired of the slow burn with most TV shows. You can have a good show without taking 10+ hours of TV shows to get your point across, and I feel like that’s what Hulu’s Castle Rock is able to do.

They draw you in the first episode and the “need” to want to know more will make you come back and continue watching.
Castle Rock will premiere Wednesday July 25, 2018, exclusively on Hulu!