SDCC 2018 – First Look at Season 2 of The Gifted: Dawn of the Mutant Age

Last year, Fox introduce the Marvel  X-Men faithful to a brand new show set in that universe.  It was called The Gifted.  This show didn’t include any characters from the original films you might recognize, but that was ok because it took an intimate look into what the other, not part of the X-Men, had to go through as refugees.  The first season saw a family of new mutants on the run from Sentinel Services, and ultimately being taken in by a good group of mutants known as the Underground.  By the end of the first season, this group splintered off, with a handful joining the brutal Hellfire Club.  

Season 2 takes place 6 months in the future with a very powerful about to get underway with Polaris (Emma Dumont).  Enjoy the new trailer!

In addition to a new name and a great trailer, the SDCC Gifted panel also shared some news about new characters joining the fight.  First and foremost is our new antagonist, Reva Paige (Grace Byers).  It’s unclear who she is, as she isn’t anyone from Marvel lore, but she supposed to be very powerful and have taken over the Hellfire Club.  They even say that she’s one of the few to survive the July mutant attack everyone stresses over.  Our money is on her being Black Queen, but that may be a longshot.  Heck, these are the same people that brought in the Cuckoos. 

Another group of characters joining the new season may be familiar to those who watched X-Men Evolution or the 90’s X-Men cartoon, the Morlocks.  They are also a group of underground mutants, trying to find a life away from society.  These are the people you see in the trailer.  It’s said that Blink (Jamie Chong) is going to be enamored with the group.  We can only wonder if they’ll have an unlimited supply of warm jelly donuts.  To understand that reference, listen to our after show, Gifted Talkers.

The Gifted: Dawn of the Mutant Age returns September 25 on Fox!

Our after show Gifted Talkers premieres September 26 on Cinelinx!