SDCC: Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Released

Finally, the long awaited trailer for Series 9 of Doctor Who has been revealed!  Whovians rejoice! The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) are back, hot off the heels of Danny Pink’s death and the introduction of the Mistress (The Master regenerated).

In the trailer, we get many scenes of the upcoming season and in true Doctor Who form, we really have no clue what is going on.  Personally, I’m ok with that.  Doctor Who always does a beautiful job telling stories and I’d rather the trailer not ruin it.

However, two very important details were revealed in this.  First and foremost, the series 9 premiere date is set for September 19th!  That’s a Saturday so set your DVRs or make sure you’re home that night.

The second detail, is the reveal of Game of Thrones favorite, Maisie Williams. It remains unannounced as to who she is playing.  However, I have a theory that I believe every Whovian is thinking at the same time.  Could Maisie Williams be a certain relative of the Doctor? Fans of Classic Who will remember the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan.  Could this be Williams’ character?  It would make sense seeing as it looks like Gallifrey might be in the mix for Series 9.  If it’s not, I still look forward to whomever Maisie Williams is playing.  I’ve loved her in Game of Thrones, but it’ll be nice to see a different side of her in Doctor Who.

Doctor Who premieres September 19th on BBC and BBC America.

What do you think of the Doctor Who trailer?