Set photo shows Villain for Supergirl/Flash crossover

Silver Banshee 2

The original Silver Banshee, Siobahn McDougal, made her first apperance in Action Comics #595 (1987) and squared off against the Man of Steel. She’s made numerous other apperances in various Superman titles and has now re-appeared in the New 52 line in the Supergirl comics with the name, Siobahn Smythe. 

Silver Banshee (McDougal) is a mystical based villain that has displayed a vast array of powers including superhuman strength, speed, stamina and endurance. She has also a high resistance towards physical and energy attacks & the ability to manipulate sound in the form of Screams or wails. These screams have the power to destroy physical objects, knock out, injure, or even kill living beings. The only drawback to her scream is that she has to know your identity to instantly kill you with a scream; otherwise it’d just knock you out.

The New 52 Banshee (Smythe) seems to possess the same abilities with the addition of being able to speak any language after listening to it for only a few minutes, this includes communicating with animals. Smythe is also not a villain (YET) in the comics having actually teamed up with Supergirl to defeat her father, Black Banshee.

Italia Ricci was chosen for the role back in December.

Banshee will make her debut on Supergirl Feburary 22nd, as her human self Siobahn Smythe. The Flash crossover episode is set to air on March 28th on CBS.