Seven Things We Expect To See On This Season of Breaking Bad


The True Purpose of Madrigal Electromotives

Of all the unresolved plot points we had on Breaking Bad last year, I think the true nature of Madrigal Electromotive (a.k.a the suppliers of the lab equipment and parent company of Los Pollos Hermanos) will be the most important.  Why do I believe this to be the case?  Well, Gus is one badass motherfucker.  And the people ABOVE Gus must be even more badass and even more motherfucker…er.  In addition, they are German, which is threatening in and of itself.

Oh and also, the second episode of the season is titled “Madrigal.”  That kind of tipped me off as well.

BreakingBad TedBeneke

Just What the Hell Happened to Ted?

In last season’s “Crawl Space,” Ted Beneke tripped on his rug when trying to escape the thugs that Saul (and Skylar) sent out to force his hand regarding the IRS problem.  After that, most of us assumed he was dead.  But notice how the show itself never explicitly said he was dead.  All we know is that Saul berated the two men afterwards for what they did.  Could Ted still be alive somewhere, on life support in some hospital?  Either way, what happened with Ted is bound to upset Skylar.  I mean, she practically killed a guy (in a “second hand murder” kind of way.)  Like husband, like wife, huh?

BreakingBad Hank

Hank Will Get Closer to the Truth

Even though no one else but Walt knows it, Hank is really damn good at his job.  He’s literally been two steps behind them at every turn they make, and is getting closer than ever to finding out who Heisenberg really is.  Last season, he found out who Gus Fring really was.  And I’m betting that at the end of the season, he’ll find out who Walter White really is as well.  And when he does, shit will really hit the fan.  Of all the characters on this show, I think Hank has the highest possibility of dying…and it may even be from his own brother-in-laws hand.  If Walt does kill Hank, that will truly be the fall of Walter White.  And since that’s where this show is heading to, I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t happen.

BreakingBad WaltJesse

Jesse Will Also Get Closer to the Truth

Meanwhile, Jesse has his own problems with Walter White…even though he doesn’t really know it yet.  Not only did Walter White cause his former girlfriend’s death (in a second-hand nature, of course), but he also poisoned Brock, someone Jesse has gotten very close to since dating his mother.  Well I think Jesse will find out about both in due time, I think they’ll save Brock’s poisoning for next season.  That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse discovered that Walt was in his bedroom the night his former girlfriend died.  I don’t know how he would do it, but leave it to Breaking Bad to come up with a reasonable explanation for it.  One thing’s for sure; this partnership is going to get pretty tense once again.

BreakingBad Gus

Who Gus Fring Really Was

Even though Gus died at the end of last season, I don’t think we’re anywhere near done with his story yet.  Hell, we know so little about him at this point, and all last season was teasing some big reveal regarding his “true” identity.  Hank brought up the fact that he had no birth records, and even seemed suspicious that Gus Fring was actually his name.  And why exactly did Don Eladio spare him.  He said that he knew who he “really was,” but what the hell does that mean?  Who WAS Gus Fring?  I’m pretty sure we’re going to find out soon enough.

BreakingBad Mike

What Does Mike Think About This Entire Mess?

Towards the tail end of last season, Mike was shot and left in Mexico to recuperate.  Gus promised he would send for him later.  Well, Gus died.  And Mike was still in Mexico when it happened.  But Mike will be back in ABQ during the season premiere, and I can’t wait to see how he’s going to react.  Mike often served as Gus’ number two guy, but did he really care if Gus lived or died?  Or was it all about the money for him?  I guess we’re bound to find out, since Mike seems to play a big role in this season.  As long as Johnathan Banks keeps delivering the stellar performance he usually does, I’m not complaining.

BreakingBad Walter

How Will Walt & Jesse Start Cooking Again?

This is the big, big question of Season 5 (and arguably, the same question that’s asked at the beginning of EVERY season).  By executing Gus, Walt and Jesse have made a bit of a mess for themselves.  This isn’t just one crazy guy and a couple friends like with Tuco (and even then, killing him had dire consequences as well).  Gus had a vast empire under him, with many employees and arms of distribution.  Do Walt & Jesse plan to take over his operations?  How will Gus’ former employers feel about Gus’ death.  And will Mike somehow help them get back in the business?  So many questions indeed.

BreakingBad WaltJesseMike

Well, let’s hope we find out the answers to these questions and many, many more when the show premieres its fifth season this Sunday, July 15.  We’ll be watching for sure…how about you?