Six New Photos from the Season Premiere of Breaking Bad Hit the Web

Honestly, I’m surprised how little advertising has been going on for the return of Breaking Bad.  I mean, the show comes back in less than a month, but it really doesn’t feel like it.  Aside from a couple of trailers (comprised mostly of old footage), we really haven’t seen a lot from the show’s fifth season.  That’s probably a blessing in disguise, however, since now everything that occurs will be a complete and utter surprise.  Thankfully, these pictures don’t reveal too much about the show’s premiere, other than the fact that its coming.  Also, Mike’s back!  Check out all six images below (courtesty of AMC).

BreakingBad WaltJesseMike

BreakingBad WaltJesse

BreakingBad Mike

BreakingBad Hank

BreakingBad Season5

BreakingBad Walt

Also of note: Walt still has his broken nose, and Hank seems to be (relatively) active.  There’s a lot of places that the show can go from here after the demise of Gus Fring, and I can’t wait to see what Vince Gilligan and company have in mind.  Knowing them, it’s something amazing.

Breaking Bad’s fifth season will premiere on July 15.